safety procedures

Hey everybody! Joanne here! Just wanted to touch base with everyone regarding the way we are operating now. We just wrapped up our first month back after our closure (yay!) and if you've visited us since reopening you may have noticed we have a few safety precautions in place. For the most part y'all have been real troopers about working with us to keep a safe and pleasant environment here at The Peach, but we have received some firm push back over the weeks so I thought I'd clarify our procedures again and why we are doing certain things.⁣

First is foremost, the system we have in place was determined by our employees. On a slow day we serve nearly 250 unique customers in a small space and Friday/Saturday that number more than doubles. The employees serving you everyday should be able to feel a personal level of comfort when working and as the owner I respect their opinion.⁣

So what are we requiring to enter?⁣

1. Hand sanitizing spray at the door. Why?⁣

- Because everyone has to touch things. From the milk pitchers to make your coffee just right, to the register screen to check-in for rewards, to our bakery display glass, touching is a part of the experience. Do you know how often a customer asks for a croissant and points touching the glass to show us what they want? ALOT! Sanitizing at the door allows more freedom inside for you to explore your favorite products.⁣

2. Wear a mask. Why?⁣

- It's state regulation and makes sense in our environment right now. We don't sell bottles of shampoo here or clothing. The product we are serving can not be washed off or wiped down. Its food. Internally we are all doing the same, working 8 hour shifts in our masks, some of us in front of ovens. Please wear yours during your visit without pressuring our staff. We're doing the best we can.

3. Stand behind the line marked on the floor. ⁣

- Keeping 6' between you and another customer is clutch and we've all got that down 👍 but we also need to try to keep a safe distance between our customers and employees/the bakery glass.⁣

Thats it! Pretty easy peasy. We thank you in advance for helping us be able to stay open